Live baccarat

Many online players appreciate the live dealer interaction that live baccarat provides without the mayhem of land based casinos.

Where to play live baccarat?

live-baccaratThere are three principal online casinos that we can safely recommend:
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With live dealers present at the tables the advantage of live baccarat is evident. Players can also interact directly with the dealers through the chat box option. Attractive dealers serve the cards and keep the friendly banter going in order to keep players at their table with the hope of getting tipped for their charms.

Live baccarat chances of winning

Given that live baccarat is played with live dealers as in a land based casino, the chances of winning are identical to those in a land based casino. For more information on the rules of baccarat and on winning payouts visit our baccarat rules page.

Table limits

The table limits in live baccarat are variable depending on the online casino you choose to play in and the choice of low, medium or high limit tables. Depending on your experience and budget you can play from minimum bet $1 to maximum bet $20 at a low limit table to minimum bet $25 going up to and in some cases beyond $500 on a high limit table.

Why is live baccarat so popular?Live dealer girls

The popularity of live baccarat, as with other live casino games such as live roulette and live blackjack, is due to the fundamental difference with traditional online baccarat:
  • In a game of traditional online baccarat, the cards are generated at random by a computer
  • With live dealer baccarat, the cards are dealt in real time by a live dealer
  • Attractive dealers offer players added 'eye candy' while they enjoy a game of live baccarat
  • The chat box interface enables players to interact with live dealers
  • For many players this option is more enjoyable and adds a sense of realism compared to online baccarat.

Live baccarat vs. traditional online baccarat

Although live baccarat has mostly advantages, there is one major difference with online baccarat that some players may find to be a disadvantage.
  • The game is often slower with a live dealer
  • Some players may find this annoying while others prefer may prefer this. It is down to individual preference.
Online baccarat may be confusing for novices but after a few games this is no longer an issue. Land based casino players will find the live baccarat version more interesting.

Where is live baccarat recorded?

Live baccarat games as with live roulette and live blackjack, are mostly recorded in purpose-built studios. Some, however, are filmed in actual land-based casinos.
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