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  • Gambling and Society – A True Overview18-09-18

  • Is it now Easier for gamblers to Withdraw their Cash Online?05-09-18
    This year has seen the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) outline a number of core strategic objectives, the majority of which are focused on the safeguarding of vulnerable players online.

    This focus has led to a number of regulatory changes, the majority of which are focused on creating greater transparency for players and ensuring that operators take more proactive steps to identify and protect potential problem gamblers.

    In terms of transparency, the UKGC has outlined proposals that will make it easier for players to withdraw cash and winnings from their online accounts. Two of the UK’s leading brands finally implemented these measures for real recently, and the question that remains is how exactly will this impact on players?

  • Will VR Really be a Driver for Online Casino Growth?10-08-18
    Let’s start with a basic assertion; the technology behind virtual and augmented reality will experience exponential growth during the next four years.

    There will be numerous drivers of this, of course, including rising consumer demand and sustained innovation within progressive industries such as the online gambling space. The initial level of adoption within this particular sector has been slow, however, raising some initial concerns surrounding the viability of the proposition in question.

    In this post, we’ll consider this in further detail, while asking whether VR and online gambling really is a match made in heaven.

  • The World Cup and Gambling – A Cause for Concern?18-07-18
    It seems that every major football tournament raises concerns about the prevalence of sponsored gambling messages on television, and the 2018 World Cup was no exception to this rule.

    This is due to a combination of relaxed advertising regulations and the proliferation of terrestrial coverage in the UK, with broadcasters such as ITV allowed to share gambling messaging at any time as part of a live sporting event.

    We’ve subsequently seen a plethora of advertisements during the tournament, with even operators expressing concerns at their frequency. We’ll address these issues below, while asking whether this is creating wider problems in the industry?

  • The Gaming Realms Sell-off – A Sign of things to Come04-07-18
    The technology market is driven by mergers and acquisitions, with last year seeing a record number of transactions completed. One of the largest saw Mitel and ShoreTel finally merge their operators, with the final deal worth a hefty $530 million.

    The online gambling sector sees a particularly high number of deals, thanks to the fluid nature of the marketplace and the potential impact of the UK’s departure from the EU.

    This week saw Gaming Realms complete their own transaction, as they sold a hefty chunk of their UK operations to the Norwegian firm River UK Casino. In this post, we’ll appraise the terms of this deal, while asking what it tells us about the current state of the British market.

  • Have Online Gambling Firms Scored in Russia?28-06-18
    We're now more than halfway through the 21st iteration of the iconic World Cup, with the 3-0 defeat of host nation Russia to Uruguay ushering in the final round of group stage matches.

    If you thought that this (or indeed any) World Cup was solely about the football, however, you'd be sorely mistaken. This is particularly true in the digital age, where brands, promotions and personalities strive to leverage the on-field action to generate greater returns and inflated profit margins.

    At first glance, you would consider online gambling firms to be leading the way in this respect? But how are they actually doing, and what can companies learn going forward?

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Smooth pay-outs, fast deposits and a user friendly play environment with no mandatory downloads. Usability is absolutely key for us.


Are there more games available in addition to the popular classics roulette, blackjack and slots? Are live casino games supported? Are new games frequently added?


How big are the jackpots? How often does a jackpot hit? Which games allow you to win the biggest prizes?


We expect attractive promotions from a proper online casino, preferably on a daily basis. Promotions should be tailored to the players: from no deposit bonuses for novice players to huge VIP bonuses for VIP players.

Customer service

What is the quality of the customer service? Are your questions processed quickly and is 24/7 support available? As an online gambler you may expect your questions to be answered fast.

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