Craps rules explained

Craps is considered to be one of the most exciting of all the casino table games. The excitement mounts as soon as the dice are flung across the table, with eager players desperate to see if the numbers thrown have just made them big winners or unlucky losers.  

Most online casinos have a free-play option that enables new players to hone their skills with practice cash. This is a fantastic way of familiarizing yourself with the rules of craps, before taking the plunge into the exciting world of playing craps for real money.

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Online Craps – Rules of the game

Craps is fundamentally an easy game to learn. Our aim in writing this guide is to cut through the confusion surrounding the different bets, and explain precisely what the various combinations – and their corresponding payouts – are.

Origins of Craps

The name ‘craps’ itself is derived from ‘crapaud’, the French word for ‘toad’. Craps’ origins can be traced as far back as twelfth century England, and a game called ‘hazard’. It is believed that an early form of craps may have been played during the Crusades, where it was then further developed by French players. However, the current version of craps, was first introduced in New Orleans. The popularity of the game has grown steadily ever since.

Playing Craps online

Craps is a game played by one or more players against the casino. The casino covers all player bets at a table, and fixes the payout odds. Craps is played with two dice. The shooter throws the dice while the players at the table place bets predicting the roll of the dice. Each first roll of a new round is called the ‘come-out roll’. The second round is then resumed with the roll of a “point” or a seven.

First, the shooter makes a ‘come-out roll’, with the aim of establishing a point. To place a pass line bet, click on the section marked ‘pass line’ with the mouse to deposit some chips. If the shooter’s come-out roll is a two, three or 12, it is called ‘craps’ (which can also be referred to as a ‘crap out’), and the round ends with players losing their pass line bets.

A come-out roll of seven or 11 is called a "natural," resulting in a win for pass line bets.

In both cases, the come-out roll is played out by the shooter until a point number is thrown. If the point numbers four, five, six, eight, nine or ten are rolled on the come-out roll, this number becomes the ‘point’. This concludes the come-out roll. The dealer then places an ‘on’ button identifying the point number to all players at the table.

The shooter continues until he rolls either the point number, or a seven. If the shooter is successful in rolling the point number, the result is a win for the pass line. If the shooter rolls a seven (called a ‘seven-out’), the pass line loses. A seven-out signals the end of the round. Once you are familiar with the pass line, you’ll develop a better grasp of the rules of craps. The ‘Don't Pass Line’, is the opposite of the ‘Pass Line’, with the exception of the 12, which is considered a ‘tie’ or a ‘push’.

Alternative wagering combinations

In the following table, we describe the variety of possible bets that may be placed in craps once you have mastered the basics.

Name of Bet



When made with ‘Pass Line’ ‘Come’ bets, it predicts the point will be rolled prior to a seven. When played with Don’t Pass Line Bets and Don’t Come Bets, it predicts a seven will be rolled before the shooter’s point.


Similar to Pass Line Bets but placed after the come-out roll

Don’t Come

Similar to Don’t Pass Line Bets but placed after the come-out roll

Big Six

Predicting a six to rolled prior to a seven

Big Eight

Predicting an eight to be rolled prior to a seven


Predicting a two on the next roll


Predicting a 12 on the next roll

Any Seven

Predicting a seven on the next roll

Any 11

Predicting an 11 on the next roll

Any Craps

Predicting a two, three or a 12 on the next roll

Place Win

Bet that the chosen number (four/five/six/eight/nine/ten) will roll prior to a seven

Place Lose

Bet that a seven will be rolled before the chosen number (four/five/six/eight/nine/ten)


Similar to Place Win with alternative payout, but the house charges 5%


Similar to Place Lose with alternative payout, but the house charges 5%


Predicting two, three, four, nine, ten, 11 or 12 on the next roll


Predicting a double (ex. two fours) will roll prior to a seven


Predicting two, three, 11 or 12 on the next roll

One final table that may be useful to consider and keep in mind when you are placing your bets at the craps table, is an illustration of the probability of dice combinations that contribute to determine payout odds. The 2 and 12 are the most difficult to roll, while the 7 offers the greatest number of possible combinations, hence its pivotal role in the game – no pun intended!

Dice Roll

All Possible Combinations




one-two, two-one


one-three, two-two, three-one


one-four, two-three, three-two, four-one


one-five, two-four, three-three, four-two, five-one


one-six, two-five, three-four, four-three, five-two, six-one


two-six, three-five, four-four, five-three, six-two


three-six, four-five, five-four, six-three


four-six, five-five, six-four


five-six, six-five



Playing strategy and tips

Given the fact that the house sets the paid odds to below the mathematical odds, the game is stacked in favour of the casino. Furthermore, since there is no correlation between individual die rolls, it is impossible to devise a long-term winning strategy in craps. Making the best use of the odds bet in connection with the line bet will reduce, but not eliminate, the house's edge. Bear in mind that many casinos place a limit on the amount a player can place on the odds bet in relation to the flat bet. Here are a few important principles to remember in the heat of the game:
  • Play within your means (set a budget or “bankroll”)
  • Set loss limits
  • Set goals for the session, avoiding the urge to splurge winnings
  • Choose a system per session or shooter, and stick to it
  • Do not assume that certain numbers are due to come or not

Online Craps – The fun starts here!

Now that you have read craps rules and discovered the many intricacies of the game you can put your new found knowledge to the test and experience the sheer thrill and excitement of online craps, so dive in at the table and place some chips on the felt at the Roxy Palace Casino.

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