The success of online bingo

Bingo is one of the simplest and the most popular games of chance. Now, thanks to the internet, it has experienced a new surge in popularity. Online bingo has brought the game to a whole new generation of players. Nowadays, millions of players around the world play bingo online regularly.

The attraction of bingo

Bingo is an entertaining game of chance that is easy to pick up, user-friendly and has been played for centuries. One of its main attractions is that it is a very social game to play, both offline and online.

Online bingo

The continued rise of the internet has resulted in a resurgence of this game all over the world. The main online casinos now all offer online bingo to their customers through dedicated websites, as it is not a traditional casino game in itself.

Similarities between online bingo and bingo halls

The friendly, social aspect that is such a core part of the bingo hall experience can also be found online. Live chat facilities – increasingly including video chat – makes it possible to strike up friendships with likeminded people online. This has helped to fuel the boom in online bingo.

Bingo: a game for all

The simplicity of bingo’s rules means it’s a very accessible game. This means that the game of bingo can be enjoyed by young and old players alike, and can breakdown the generation gap. Which isn’t something you can say of many games.

Success of online bingo

Despite the economic crisis, bingo remains one of the most dynamic and popular online games around. Although the current crisis we are experiencing has slowed the expansion of the online bingo market, as with land-based casinos and online casinos alike, the online bingo market is still growing by more than 10% per year, and this is set to continue in the years to come.


Although bingo has not necessarily been considered as one of the main online games over the past decade, it has historically been very popular in the UK. It is further gaining in popularity and customer base as more and more online bingo operators enter the market to take advantage of the growing interest among online players.

+1 #1 Alexis Trinidad 2012-08-23 03:23
I agree with the author of this post. In the future, people will come to realize the simplicity yet the fun of playing in new bingo sites online. Well, we need to watch out for each country's gambling regulations though.
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