World Cup betting exceeds all sporting events

All football fans love the Football World Cup. The World Cup in South Africa is expected to be the biggest online gambling event in 2010. This year’s tournament is likely to generate more than a billion Dollars in wagers. Obviously, not all bets are in Dollars. Actually, it is assumed that the UK has the largest betting market. Many British betting shops already are receiving wagers. Online bookmakers like those in Las Vegas profit from the World Cup betting action.

World Cup betting

The World Cup Final in Johannesburg on July 11 marks the end of the World Cup betting. The Football World Cup always generates an enormous number of wagers. It appears that many punters all over the world and particularly in Europe have increased their wagers. After some tough years, the popularity of online gambling seems to improve. A lot of gamblers embrace their preferred online games again, which doesn’t automatically have to mean sports betting.

Online gambling

Estimations indicate that €1,08 to €3,24 billion will be wagered in the UK on World Cup matches. Market watchers believe that illegal betting may be a threat. Online gambling offers a lot of advantages, which should restrict illegal gambling activities. Graham Sharpe, spokesman for William Hill, said that sports betting rises every World Cup tournament. For that reason, he expects a betting volume of at least one billion Euros for the 2010 World Cup in Great Britain.

UK betting

World Cup betting has exceeded other events. The Cheltenham Festival generates €647 million, while the Grand National sees €323 million. There isn’t a sporting event that is comparable with the World Cup betting action.
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