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  • Gambling and Football – A Conflict of Interests?15-01-18
    For a while or so now, British football authorities have been increasingly uncomfortable with the prominent role that betting brands play in the national sport. This came to a head in the summer of last year, when the FA abruptly terminated a £4 million sponsorship deal with Ladbrokes after a number of betting controversies surrounding players.

    These indiscretions underlined a clear conflict of interest within the sport, particularly after the former Manchester City and England midfielder Joey Barton was banned for 18 months after admitting to betting on games . The issue was obvious: how can a sport that continues to accept gambling money and sponsorship with open arms assume the moral high ground when its players choose to place wagers in the privacy of their own home?

  • Why are No-deposit Bonuses in Decline?09-01-18
    While there are numerous factors that have driven growth in the UK casino market during the last decade, the cultivation of lucrative and targeted promotions remains of the most prominent.
    No-deposit bonuses have proved to be particularly effective, as these enable players to access the type of ‘no-strings’ promotional offers that optimises the amount of free gameplay that they ultimately receive.
    There’s no doubt that the prevalence of no-deposit bonuses is now in decline, however, thanks to the implementation of more stringent tax regulations in the UK. In this post, we’ll explore this in further detail and ask what it means for the industry as a whole.

  • How Bitcoin is Revolutionising Online Gambling03-01-18
    It's interesting to note that the human mind is predisposed to prejudice, particularly when presented with new and unfamiliar concepts. This is one of the many factors that have conspired against the adoption of cryptocurrency since its inception in 2007, with Bitcoin in particular having experienced several ups and downs.

    The blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrency is now recognised as being truly ground-breaking, however, while it is also lending itself to a growing number of applications. One of these revolves around the new cryptocurrency Ethereum, which could potentially revolutionise the online casino market in the UK and across the globe.

  • Will the UK be Left Behind by Liquidity Sharing Pacts?27-12-17
    The potential impact of Brexit has been assessed across a number of industries, but few have focused on the UK’s thriving online gambling market.

    This growth entity, which generated a yield in excess of £13 billion last year and now accounts for one-third of the overall gambling industry, could well be adversely affected by Britain’s eventual departure from the EU. These fears have been reaffirmed recently, with regulated markets in the EU now entering into lucrative liquidity pacts that may leave the UK trailing behind.

  • Is Online Poker Really in a State of Decline?14-12-17
    If you were to glance at the top-level figures for online gambling in the UK, you'd see a growth marketplace that continues to expand at an exceptional rate.

    Once you delve beyond these headline numbers, however, you see several fascinating insights which highlight precisely which online casino games are thriving and which are struggling to engage players.

    According the latest numbers from the year ending March 2017, for example, online poker generated a gross gambling yield of £101 million and accounted for just 5% of the industries overall revenues. This is despite the fact that the total yield for the online gambling sector increased to £4.7 billion, while online wagers also rose by 10.1%.

    Why is the Popularity of Online Poker Declining?

    These figures make it clear that the popularity of online poker is in decline, and there are several underlying reasons for this. Firstly, we've seen the online gaming market benefit from incredible diversification during the last decade, with immersive and themed slots appealing to an entire generation of new and casual players. These games have helped online casinos to enhance their proposition in the digital age, creating a wide range of choice to players and restricting the market share of poker.

    While the same can be said of other casino staples such as blackjack and roulette, of course, these games have responded far better to the challenge posed by slot titles. More specifically, developers have created a number of unique and immersive iterations of these games, while establishing the type of authentically paced gameplay that appeals to both casual and seasoned players alike.

    Although online poker has seen a number of crossover-style formats designed over the last few years, these have so far failed to engage newcomers while they've also diluted the experience in a way that deters skilled players from taking part.

    This is borne out by the fact that slots generated an impressive yield of £1.6 billion in the year ending March 2017, while poker games struggled to keep pace and engage a wider audience of players.

    The truth is that the skilled nature of poker creates a delicate balancing act for developers, particularly when marketing this game and creating crossover iterations for the modern age. More specifically, classic formats lack the necessary levels of opportunism or immersive gameplay to appeal to newcomers, while modern crossover formats hold little or no interest for experienced gamblers. As a result, online poker has struggled to evolve at the same pace of other games, or react to the needs of contemporary demographics.

    The Bottom Line – What's Next for Online Poker?

    In the near-term, it's likely that online poker will continue its decline in popularity. This is partly due to the fact that online casinos will continue to invest heavily in the development of virtual slot iterations, while affording less focus to poker and similar table disciplines.

    In the longer-term, much will depend on the strategy adopted by poker developers and online casino operators. So long as they execute a dual-pronged strategy that caters to the needs of both casual and skilled players, this classic casino game will eventually find its own, unique niche online.

  • Why Casinos should be careful when creating promotional offers05-12-17
    There's no doubt about it; lucrative bonuses and promotional offers have played a pivotal role in helping the UK's online casino market to grow at an incredible rate in recent times.

    While we expect this to be the case for some time to come, operators should brace themselves for a slight sea change as regulators continue to adopt a more customer-friendly focus. After all, the UK Gambling Commission's five strategies for the next four years have been designed to protect consumer interests and vulnerable gamers, and as a part of this we've seen a pledge to review the nature of promotions currently being presented by operators. 

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