Tottenham Hotspur partners with SportingBet

Tottenham Hotspur

Daniel Levy, the club’s chairman, commented: “We are proud to partner with SportingBet. They are one of the leading brands in sports betting and have a strong focus on football.”


The British sportsbook operator announced that it accepts more than 42 million football bets each year. Football wagers cover 65% of SportingBet’s total sportsbook turnover. The new partnership will increase assets and SportingBet can benefit from the hospitality and match tickets. The club’s fan base will boost SportingBet’s brand name.


Peter Dicks, chairman of Sportingbet, stated: “We are pleased to cooperate with Tottenham Hotspur. Commercial teams of both parties are cooperating to develop new offerings. These new offerings should benefit the Spurs and its fans.”

Sportsbook operator

SportingBet already signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Wolverhampton Wanderers, another Premier League club. Additionally, they partnered with Leeds United that struggles in the Championship.
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