The popularity of spread betting in the UK

Online casinos have become extremely popular. This has resulted in a varied and active market. The online gambling market consists of many sub-sectors and creates many niche gaming opportunities. The online betting business, a sub-sector of the online gambling business, also consists of sub-sectors. These sub-sectors serve niche markets of the gambling industry. Spread betting is one of the growing niche markets within the extensive online gambling business. This niche market demonstrates how fast a niche market can develop.

Online betting

UK figures with regard to spread betting have demonstrated its really fast development. However, spread betting is not a new form of online betting. It has caused some commotion in many countries but this hasn’t affected its popularity. Spread betting brings more risks and is more fast paced than other methods of online betting. The speed and risks are main temptations for many online gamblers.

Online spread betting

The UK Gambling Commission recently revealed that 15% of spread gamblers struggle with problem gambling issues. This means a strong rise in comparison to the average 1% at other online gambling forms. The risks of spread betting don’t affect the development of this market. Last year, the spread betting market welcomed 30.000 new spread bettors.
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