South African online gambling market

It’s interesting to observe the future evolvement of South African and how the present internet casino gambling situation will develop. Obviously, the 2010 FIFA World Cup dominates these days the country, as the international football tournament provides South Africa a lot of attention.

The nation has been working on the accommodation and venues to be able to cope with the many people that will visit the nation during the Football World Cup. Numerous offshore gambling firms continue to fight for regulated online gambling, which should enable these firms to legally enter the South African online gambling market before the World Cup begins.

2010 FIFA World Cup

So far it seems that the majority of the official gambling at the 2010 FIFA World Cup will take place in offline casinos instead of at online betting venues. The brick and mortar casinos have received a license and they are already developing shops, while various major British gambling firms are already setting up their land establishments. All talk in South Africa is these days about the World Cup and there are no efforts to take a closer look at the situation of the internet casino gambling business after the World Cup.

Internet casino industry

The internet casino industry and the sporting industry have showed doubts if South Africa is able to host such an enormous global tournament. The initial six months of 2010 will be focused on assuring that the event will lack any big failure. Online casinos will probably continue their fight to regulate internet casinos in South Africa, after the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
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