Right2bet campaign across European countries

Once again it has been a thrilling week for the Right2bet campaign, as a number of ‘parties’ have renewed the battle versus assumed ‘consumer protecting legislation’, while these laws mainly seem to favor the ruling governments, limiting customers’ changes.

Polish gambling legislation

Poland once again dominates the headlines. The country that recently enacted a number of new laws as a reaction on numerous lawmakers and politicians that were involved in a corruption scandal. Polish politicians hastily prohibited all new casinos in the business, limiting consumers to the few existing offline casinos and implementing new legislation with regard to internet gambling. Only recently the European Commission has discussed the situation, and obviously they don’t seem to be impressed. They share the Right2bet point of view that the new legislation doesn’t aim at protecting Polish consumers, but it disguises the government’s corruption scandal.

French laws

The recently modified gambling laws in French also leads to some concerns, as French politicians introduced plans to reform the gambling market. While the French structure has taken the right direction, the EGBA and RGA have determined that the tax system imposed on firms is in violation of competition rules, as it also leads to shocking criminalization of the betting exchange industry.

Italian casinos

The Right2bet blog also evaluated the Italian situation, a few weeks after the limitations on the Italian casino and betting market were raised. While the measure was without doubt a positive one, a swift evaluation of the present situation proves that the past monopolies still have power over an overwhelming two thirds of the Italian industry, mostly the result of the extra entry fees for foreign corporations.


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