Restyling online casino site Dublin Bet

Dublin Bet has announced an extensive restyling and re-branding. The online casino site is owned by VueTec. The transformation is planned for this summer.Grant Fraser, VueTec’s chief executive officer, has formed a creative and technical team. This group features experts from the advertisement agencies PMPR, Material Marketing and Dog Digital.

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Fraser commented: “This is a perfect moment for a restyling. Dublin Bet has performed extremely well after the launch in 2005. We are set to introduce extensive marketing activities to promote the VueTec software. For that reason, a strong brand is required and it’s crucial that we get this completely right. We hope to support Dublin Bet in their competition against major players in the business without addressing their extensive marketing budgets.”

Restyling Dublin Bet

“We are fully focused on the restyling and re-branding, which should be complete in June. The tight planning forces us to continue the revamp of the website. In August we hope to have completed the process,” the VueTec CEO added.
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