‘Renegade Ref’ campaign introduced by Right2bet

This week, the Right2bet campaign is delighted to introduce its most amusing and challenging option to date: ‘Renegade Ref’. The cycle of brief videos features the man that many football enthusiasts like to curse: the referee. The initial video clip demonstrates our idol (or probably scapegoat) punishing pedestrians, pigeons and cyclists in the hectic centre of London, presenting his cards for harmless crimes.

This is only the beginning as his actions become ever more bizarre in the course of the series. The ridiculous actions symbolize the desperate attempts by many governments to protect the cash flows provided by their monopoly operators. In contrast to the continent’s monopoly operators, we won’t reveal all the surprises of the rest of the videos, which you can check at the Right2bet website.

Right2bet charity challenge

With relation to the Right2bet charity challenge: Last weekend’s featured match was the Italian city derby between AC Milan and Inter Milan. Internazionale won the game 2-0 despite two dismissals and stretching to nine points the lead on their city rivals. The Dutch clients of De Lotto were however the big losers, as their winnings from a 10 Euro bet were almost 4 Euros down in comparison to the winnings at a private operator. Perhaps the rebellious referee should visit Den Haag to ease the peace of mind a bit?

New Right2bet competition

On top of all that, January features the introduction of the new Right2bet competition, which will be rewarded by a brand new iPod Touch. The competition can be entered by anyone aged over 18, just by answering a simple question, as the answer can be found in the Right2bet blog.

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