Philadelphia Inquirer signs deal with fantasy sports provider FanDuel

The Philadelphia Inquirer has signed a business deal that will enable it to use innovative fantasy sports betting technology. This should create new revenues for the newspaper that was founded in June 1829. Philadelphia Inquirer’s Philly has established an agreement with FanDuel. Under the terms of the agreement it will become the first internet newspaper to utilize the strength of fantasy sports games on a daily basis.

Fantasy sports games

British newspapers already profit from the millions of Dollars from internet gambling and paid games. Philly intents to introduce an internet fantasy sports game. This real money game will enable players to play and win in a day.


Promoted as ‘one-night stand’ fantasy sports, the game is a white-labeled version of FanDuel. The fantasy sports provider introduced its standalone game in July 2009.


Instant fantasy games are permitted in America due to the fact that fantasy sports are exempted from the 2006 UIGEA. The FanDuel team has been very cautious to underline this. FanDuel and its associates receive revenues as every game rewards them commissions.


FanDuel is owned and operated by Hubdub Ltd., while it was founded in Austin, Texas on March 15th, 2009. Hubdub Ltd. introduced its initial free game in 2008 and was provided venture capital last year.
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