New York seeks alternatives for off-course betting

Various American states are seriously considering the lucrativeness of regulating online gambling. They also consider new forms of gambling. New York is the next US state to join Iowa, California, Florida, that also consider to legalize online casinos. Joe Lentol is a New York Assemblyman who has suggested to regulate online gambling. Recently, the New York government decided to end the support for off-course betting venues. Actually, the government disapproved the introduced rescue program. This might be the only option to rescue the industry. The current wave of gamblers and their requisites and preferences reinforce Lentol’s point of view. He believes that more liberal and open-minded varieties of conventional and online gambling could be the solution.

Off-course betting New York

The gambling business has developed strongly in the last decades. The American states have failed to keep up with that development. Off-course betting originates from a period when it was played by many people. In those days the industry could operate without financial support from the government. Off-track betting has become less popular as the current gamblers prefer poker and online casinos. The new generation gamblers seems to prefer foreign online casinos in stead of gambling at off-course betting parlors.

Online gambling

The Empire State loses major revenue flows after phasing out off-course betting, according to Lentol. Conventional casinos and internet casinos provide enormous growth possibilities. New York could create new sources of income by legalizing the market. Up to date gambling forms that appeal more to the current gamblers are also a serious option.
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