New online sports betting platform for Irish market

A new sports betting website has entered the Irish market. Paddy Power has been a prominent sports betting website in Ireland for a long time. The online bookmaker has been a role model for many online bookmakers in Ireland. Paddy Power is also successful in the United Kingdom. The new Ubecha website is completely adapted to the Green Isle. Ubecha is scheduled to be fully operational in the next few months. The Ubecha betting website targets to complete all preparations and testing before the start of the 2010 World Cup.

New online betting platform

The Ubecha internet platform has established itself as a sports betting website. It claims to be fully up to date on all trends and technologies. The website has been launched but it’s still in Beta testing. Users should realize that the current version still needs some modifications and fine irelandtuning. This should optimize the betting website. It has been an exhausting process to create and introduce the Ubecha site. The new platform allows online betting. It’s also loaded with all new social media elements that nowadays are so popular.

Fantasy Football betting

The online betting platform features high interaction levels due to the integrated social media. Ubecha declares that the new betting website is perfectly suitable for Fantasy Football betting.
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