Italian corruption scandal dangers European sports industry

The Italian gambling market has dominated the media as supposed match fixing is being investigated. This is bringing about a lot of commotion among internet casino bookmakers that accepted bets from gamblers on the Serie B matches. Bets on Serie B matches have been suspended and bookmakers await the results of the investigation. Match fixing is presently becoming a fast growing problem in the European internet casino gambling industry. In the meantime, bookmakers and operators seek measures to improve the detection of illegal gambling activities. For that reason, match fixing should be reality checked. Bookies hope that this will reduce the number of illegal gambling activities.

Match fixing scandal

This extensive match fixing scandal is the first one in the relatively new Italian online casino betting market. Several sectors of the gambling industry have been introduced gradually in 2009. The Italian government intended to secure optimal regulation. Depending on the outcomes of the research, the Italian government can now demonstrate how effective their regulatory systems and researches are.

Internet casino gambling

The internet casino gambling scandal affects the entire sports industry in Europe. About 50 persons in Turkey have been detained with regard to the corruption scandal. Depending on the investigation more people could be arrested. Whole teams, players and coaches have come un scrutiny for immoral actions. It also damages the integrity of the whole sports industry in Europe.
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