Founder Bet365 reveals secrets

Bet 356 was chosen by eGaming Review as the most powerful and influential online gambling company. This magazine annually nominates the 50 largest online gaming companies and as Bet356 came out on top. The company, which has its home port in Stoke, now has 1400 employees and operates in 17 countries. The first three months of this year Bet365 earned about 300 million euros and the operating profit was 4 times as large as that of their competitor Betfair.

Gambling at Bet365 online

Bet365The 22-year-old Denise Coates saw that internet was the future of the gambling industry. The beauty of the internet is that you get a much larger market. She bought Bet365 for £ 10.000 on Ebay. Within 15 months she built a team around her and launched her company. She began to focus on providing betting on sports. Yet the company had no good start. The first year went particularly badly by the Internet financial bubble. At one point she even have to borrow £ 15 million to keep her company.

Peter Coates

Her father has a big influence in her life. Peter Coates was also a bookmaker. He earned his money by catering to English football stadiums. He ultimately owned 49 betting shops which he sold for £ 40 million. He has 3 million invested in Bet365 and now has an 8% share in the organization. According to Sunday Times, father and daughter together earned 400 million pounds in 2009. It is therefore expected that they will debut in the top 100 richest people of England.

Future Bet365

Denise Coates guarantees that Bet365 remains a private company. Betfair competitor is going to operate public. She has no intention to sell the business. But they are trying constantly to renew and get bigger and bigger. But that should not kills the fun that prevails in the company.
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