Former Chinese football star sentenced for online gambling

Chinese football veteran Lv Dong has been condemned by a court in the city of Dashiqiao to three years behind bars for running an online sports betting network. He was also sentenced to pay a ¥1.5 million (approximately $200.000) penalty, according to the news agency Xinhua.

Internet gambling ring

The former Chinese soccer star was sentenced for operating an internet gambling ring as a general agent by running the foreign ‘Winning Goal’ group from September 2008 to March 2009, when he managed wagers with a total value of ¥30.24 million (approximately $4 million) from his agents and other betters.
When detained, he supposedly turned in ¥110.000 (about $15.000).

Lv Dong

Lv Dong was born in 1967 and a former member of the Liaoning football team than won the Chinese soccer league ten times. He worked as a soccer coach for its second-string squad and operated a bar after retiring in the nineties. Lv confessed to the judge that he had managed three accounts of HQ711, WH0002 and Wj228B from Winning Goal for internet gambling, and earned 20% commission from the losing wager, and also 1% of the total bets placed from September 8, 2008 to March 22, 2009.


Lv Dong commented: “I earned commissions of approximately ¥70.000 to ¥80.000 (approximately $10.000) and the funds were transferred through banks.”

Winning Goal

The Winning Goal operated the internet gambling in four classifications: members, agents, shareholders and general agents, and only those members were permitted to place bets. The dividends were divided among the members in line with fixed percentages of 0.75, 1.25 and 2.25, according to Lv Dong.
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