Fear for World Cup betting at work

Gambling at work is always a bad idea. The current World Cup matches draw many employees to online casinos and betting websites. Employers all over the world fear that the World Cup matches affect productivity at work. Companies seek surveillance software to prevent employees to gamble and bet during working hours. The Football World Cup is the biggest sporting event worldwide. This summer’s World Cup is expected to break many records with relation to viewers, online bets and participation.

World Cup betting at work

Employers that want to prevent online gambling and betting at work have shown interest in the Spector 360 Employee Monitoring, Reporting, and Surveillance Software. This software package is introduced by SpectorSoft Corporation. SpectorSoft believes that their monitoring software enables companies to create instructions and acceptable policies for their employees. Monitoring software can detect the use of online casinos and betting websites. SpectorSoft in fact states that the monitoring software creates more flexible policies. The monitoring software should maintain and improve profitability. This may not demoralize employees. They should realize that all internet activities are closely monitored.

Monitoring software

Nevertheless, the World Cup matches have the potential to create significant losses for many global companies. Even ideal and model employees may not resist the temptation of online casinos and websites that provide live World Cup results. Monitoring software stimulates employees to focus on their work.
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