England coach suspends Capello Index

England coach Fabio Capello has suspended his venture into the ‘Capello Index’. This online system publicly rates players, Sky News reports. Previously Capello confirmed his collaboration with an online gambling firm to develop the ‘Capello Index’. After a meeting with Football Association officials he chose to shelve the index until after the World Cup.

Technical input

“Capello only provided technical input as an expert to create statistical criteria for the index. His involvement didn’t concern the online gaming element of the website. Nevertheless, Capello demands that all proper protocols are installed before the index continues. For that reason, he chose to shelve the project,” a spokesman for the Italian coach commented.

Rating system

The Capello Index is a website created to rate performances by players. The system is based on 500 criteria to rate individual players. Only two hours after every match, players are given a mark out of 100.


The Italian coach received a lot of criticism after speculations that the site may discomfit players. There are also concerns that the system could negatively impact players’ performances and confidence.

Online system

Despite all the criticism, Capello emphasized that the website was designed to aid his players. “As a coach, I can point them out the things they have to improve. Or I can tell them to train more. I can also ask them to explain certain decisions.”

Capello Index

“The index is a really valuable tool. I utilize all elements for positions and performances. However, at the end of the day the mind of the players makes the decisions on the pitch.” The 63-year-old coach believes that the game is very useful for fans who have complete football betting match details.


The website has been tested in the last month, according to Sky News. Three Italian clubs, two Spanish teams and the top six clubs in the Premier League have been tracked.

Online players

Online players need to deposit a minimum of €32.30 through to a maximum of €215.40 to join the fantasy game. It is assumed that the England coach has not received payment for his contribution.
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