Bidibot launches rakeback feature

Virtual auction website Bidibot has unveiled a new rakeback feature. A group of skilled poker fans and sports fanatics founded Bidibot. This auction site strives to make poker games and sports events less expensive. Bidibot provides packages at main brands like Poker Stars, Victory Poker and GCasino.

Rakeback feature

Bidibot enables punters to place unlimited bids in auctions for prizes like poker event packages up to $10,000. In addition, players can place bids at auctions for prizes like iPads, iPhones and Nintendo Wii consoles. The new rakeback option refunds second-placed bidders for auctions with a percentage of their unfortunate bids.


John Tabatabai, CEO for Bidibot, commented: “Bidibot strives to offer punters more value and a rakeback was an obvious option. Only one bidder can win an auction. The rakeback feature refunds non-winners with a percentage of their unlucky submissions. Everybody profits from the new rakeback feature.”
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