Betfair introduces new iPhone application

Betfair, one of the largest and most successful online betting operators on the globe, has launched a first-rate iPhone application, which is focused on football aficionados. The Betfair Rattle transforms mobile phones into information centers, while the rattle can be used to boost a team.

Betfair Rattle

The new application features a fast and simple interface for football fans to check matches and convert their cell phone into a rattle to cheer on their teams. Obviously a team will get more support if more fans shake their cell phones before the start of a match.

iPhone application

Betfair also intends to launch a Betfair Rattle league table, according to Betfair's Mobile Manager Richard Hewitt. “We aimed on developing something where fans can compete against each other to cheer up their favorite teams. However, we also intended to create something that was really functional by ensuring that it was the most easy way to check the coming matches on iPhones.

Football fans

Many applications are sluggish and unhandy while all users demand that information is immediately available, and Betfair Rattle meets that demand.
Furthermore, it’s a fun application and we would love to see football fans in the stadiums shake their iPhones.
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