Australian politicians target sports fixing

Australian lawmakers are creating new laws that should prevent match fixing. The legislation prohibits that games are thrown and all involved parties will be prosecuted. Australian politicians already introduced the Unlawful Gambling Act to tackle match fixing. Nevertheless, the Unlawful Gambling Act focuses on unlawful gambling instead of on sports fixing. For that reason, lawmakers are working on a revised version to address game fixing.


At the end of 2010, Senator Nick Xenophon initiated a complete revision of the gambling industry. Xenophon’s initiative is the result of the increase in the proportion of problem gamblers. Politicians try to reduce lawful gambling in Australia. In addition, lawmakers work on additional laws for the current gambling venues in the land ‘down under’.

Sports betting

Lawmakers are investigating the Bulldogs – Cowboys game that was played in August last year. The research focuses on all gambling activities related to a proposition bet on the initial score of the game. Authorities expect to finish the research and publish the findings within several weeks.
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