Tribes oppose to legalizing online poker

The US is on the point of legalizing online poker and even internet casinos in individual American states, but not all parties support the proposed legalizing. A lot of American state governments are blinded by the potential money flows of legalized online gambling and are seriously thinking about intrastate legalization that should increase state revenues. California was among the initial American states to consider internet casinos, especially online poker, as a way to finance state programs. However, many of the state gambling operations are run by the tribes, who fear to lose some business to the online poker websites. The California Tribal Business Alliance questions the first claims of possible revenues that could result from legalized online gambling.

Gambling tribes

It’s interesting to see that the Tribal Alliance standpoint is caused by the indecisiveness among the tribes. Some tribes strongly oppose to the opportunity, while other tribes support the attempts to legalize internet casino poker within the state borders. The California Tribal Business Alliance has its doubts about the proposed legalization as it questions several excessive claims regarding possible revenues. It’s obvious that poker websites and internet casinos are extremely profitable, especially when run by the state government, but the amount of money is subjective and remains unclear.

Legalized online gambling

In theory the tribes are protecting their own business and are strongly demanding additional studies by an independent party to estimate the possible revenues of a legalized online gambling market in California. The tribes also want to determine all the consequences of legalizing online gambling for land-based tribal gambling.
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