Sega launched long-expected poker website

Sega introduced its long-expected internet poker platform, SegaPoker, last week. The online poker room is a professional, slickly designed, completely interactive poker website that contains all standard options, all non-essential features and has an attractive design. SegaPoker features all the characteristics of a modern internet poker platform.

Childhood memories

Why does SegaPoker gains so much more publicity than any other new poker website? First of all, Sega is a renowned brand name that is very recognizable for many gamers, especially for male gamers in the age 25 – 35 who played the Sega video games in their childhood. It’s well-known that male gamers in the age 25 – 35 are the main target group for internet poker marketing.


Furthermore, Sega’s launch gets more attention as it prepares collaborations with various partners. Playtech is the leading provider of online gaming software, and market watchers suggest that this could strongly impact the company’s capital, especially if the UIGEA will be enacted in the US, which is likely to happen.


Bill Rini comments at Bill’s Poker Blog: “SegaPoker is part of the iPoker network, which restricts SegaPoker’s options. There are speculations about Harrah’s Entertainment introducing an internet card room in Europe in order to be well prepared for when the American market will become legalized. Sega could explore the market to prepare themselves for entering a regulated and liberal American market.”

Affiliate strategy

Rini continues by stating: “A renowned gaming company like Sega can profit from its current marketing facilities to offer more profitable poker rooms than the majority of the average poker websites.” That’s a legitimate argument and it will probably influence Sega’s affiliate strategy.

Online poker room

In the next weeks, the Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) website will provide more information about the Sega internet poker room and online affiliate program. For now, you can visit the Sega internet poker room, which is not accessible for players in the United States.
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