School principal addicted to online poker sentenced to prison

Gambling-addicted headmaster Andrew Wilkie has been jailed for 16 months after he embezzled school funds. A student had accused Wilkie of sexual misconduct, which resulted in a suspension. A depression followed and he used online gambling as a way of escaping reality.

Game over

School principalWilkie gambled away private funds worth £160,000, after which he started using school funds. The charitable fund was audited, after the Buckley-based school received anonymous tips. The school principal knew it was all over and he told his pregnant spouse everything. He texted the chair of governors: "I have to confess something really big, which has a massive impact on the school."


He confessed everything to the chair of governors and revealed that he became depressed after the suspension. The headmaster suffered from insomnia and stole school funds to finance his online poker habit. He kept his gambling problem a secret and his embarrassment prevented him to seek help.

Gambling addiction

Studies show that around 4% to 7% of all gamblers suffer from a gambling problem. However, not many gambling addicted people are aware of their problems. Only few of them realize that their favorite pastime has become a serious problem. Gambling becomes an addiction when you are prepared to use all funds you possess to gamble. Compulsive gamblers tend to lie to everyone and they will do almost anything to get gambling money.
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