PokerStars’ random number generator certified

Cigital, the leading software security and quality consulting firm, has proclaimed that it has certified the reliability and safety of the random number generator (RNG) that PokerStars applies to shake cards on its poker website, proving that the product meets, and surpasses, the highest standards in producing unsystematic and statistically random numbers for dealing cards.


Paco Hope, the Cigital technical manager, commented: “100% random values are the basis of fair internet gambling. Our examination inspected the product entirely, including the software and hardware, and demonstrated that the random number generator provides cryptographically unsystematic numbers that are truly random.”

Internet gambling

Considering the results of the assessment, Cigital is convinced that internet gamblers should be fully confident that all hands and cards are randomly and unpredictably dealt at PokerStars.

Random number generator

The security and quality consulting firm examined the entropy sources, documentation and source code. Additionally, a trial random number generator stream delivered by PokerStars was tested FIPS 140-2 style, and it passed this testing. Cigital applied standard processes to examine the PokerStars random number generator, and concluded that the execution meets the present top class RNG’s.


Lukas Gant, director of online marketing at PokerStars, commented: “Cigital is renowned for its superiority in the gaming business. Their preceding detection of critical random number generator implementation weakness at one of the leading poker websites prompted our decision to cooperate with Cigital. Their significant technical knowledge and comprehensive approach to examine software security and reliability have proven their value as a reliable independent evaluator.”


Gary McGraw, Cigital’s chief technology officer, commented: “Creating software that can accurately provide reliable random numbers is essential in the gambling business. We are proud to deliver a comprehensive expert assessment of the PokerStars RNG and function as a trustworthy third-party advisor. Our assessment demonstrates decisively that PokerStars’ random number generator properly uses statistically random numbers. Fair and secure gambling conditions are vital in the internet gambling industry, with PokerStars as a good example.”
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