Poker remains a game of skill in Switzerland

Court rooms all over the world are dealing with the chance versus skill discussion. This debate is providing varied outcomes due to the different countries. The Swiss Supreme Court has ruled that poker is a game of chance instead of a game of skill. This ruling is a major disappointment for the poker industry.

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Poker fans always claim that poker cannot be compared with online gambling. American courts are facing the same discussion. Two American poker enthusiasts claim in the state Supreme Court that poker is above all a game of skill. They believe that poker is not similar to conventional and online gambling. Obviously, they fear that the Swiss ruling affects the decision by the state Supreme switzerland

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The Swiss court’s decision impacts the Swiss gambling landscape. Poker in Switzerland remains tightly under the jurisdiction of the gambling legislation. Online gambling and online poker continue to grow strongly. The Swiss gambling legislation continues to control the poker industry. Those laws are created to control games of chance. The fact is that this all may not be sufficient and too late. Swiss gamblers are used to play poker in bars, hotels and other establishments. These activities have now become unlawful due to the Supreme Court decision.

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It’s interesting that the discussion wasn’t initiated by the online gambling business. The Swiss Federation of Casinos started the discussion in order to end the competition of traditional poker events. These tournaments were snatching away revenue from the lawful casinos. The poker tournaments were lacking regulations. They were affecting lawful and regulated land-based gambling in the alpine country, the Federation and Supreme Court believe.
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