Poker criminal tracked down through Facebook

Justin Grant, a passionate online casino fan, landed back in jail due to his poker habit. He demonstrated authorities his passion for online poker although he was hiding from the police. Grant escaped police custody from the Townsville Hospital in July, which turned out a rather brief escape. Due to his passion for poker, he needed to update his Facebook account as he tried to organize online poker games with his buddies.

Facebook updates

His regular Facebook updates enabled the police to determine his location. All internet activities can be traced nowadays. Grant demonstrated his lack of cleverness by updating his Facebook regularly, which enabled the police to track him down. The police knew exactly where he planned to organize the poker games. His Facebook activities with regard to online poker resulted in a quick re-arrest after he escaped police custody.

Online gambling Australia

Internet gambling and online poker are prohibited in Australia, which wasn’t an obstacle for Grant. He tried to evade restrictions and demonstrated his passion for online poker to authorities. Other poker fans in a comparable situation would be more clever and hide their passion for online poker. This would have prevented that authorities tracked him down so easily.
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