Patrik Antonius made $9 million in 2009

Patrik Antonius, by many considered as the best earning internet poker player, has won millions on European websites, as well as a recorded eight figures on Full Tilt. This in combination with his 2009 earnings that total up an unbelievable USD 8.899.508, HSDB reported.

Major earnings

2009 has been a profitable year for Antonius, as he started with an USD 3.8 million win in the first quarter of 2009. His major earnings were posted in November when he defeated Isildur1 in a heroic battle and cashed USD 10 million.

Strongest game

Nevertheless, after that huge win, he lost USD 4.5 million in only one week, which he largely won back and he ended 2009 just under USD 9 million. He earned the majority of his earnings in Pot-Limit Omaha, which is his strongest game.

Patrik Antonius’ winnings

Although he lost USD 750.000 in Stud games and USD 1.4 million in No-Limit Hold ‘em, Antonius’ Pot-Limit Hold ‘em earnings total up more than USD 2 million and together with his USD 7.6 million winnings in Omaha 8 and Omaha you get his exceptional total.

Online poker

It’s complicated to determine his total winnings but his Patrik Antonius account has earned more than USD 15 million lifetime; Luigi won USD 3 million and he has innumerable other seven-figure wins. It’s realistic to estimate a total online winning of more than USD 20 million.

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