HeadsUp negotiates with internet poker company

HeadsUp Entertainment, owner of the Canadian Poker Tour (CPT), has proclaimed that it is in talks with one of the leading poker firms on the globe that would either entirely acquire the Canadian Poker Tour or co-brand it. Both transactions depend on the process of investigation into the details by both parties and on the fulfillment of many standard requirements.

Poker company

The poker company believes that Canada is the second largest internet poker market on the globe, just after the UK. Due this huge potential, numerous of the leading internet poker firms on the globe have made contact with Kelly Kellner, the HeadsUp Entertainment CEO, regarding a corporation.

Online poker room

The management of the online poker room considers HeadsUp Entertainment as one of the leading brand names in the North American poker business nowadays. HeadsUp has a market reach of more than 40.000.000 poker players in North America, due to the ownership of the Canadian Poker Tour, Canadian Poker Player Magazine and the introduction of the Canadian Poker Player Television Network.

HeadsUp Entertainment

“In the next year, we will organize over 550 casino-themed events in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Canada and our Poker Super Cruise, which will star some of the top pokers players in North America. Due to our corporations with the casinos, including several exclusive ones, internet poker firms understand that our market reach provides them the opportunity to reach with their platforms a large number of North American players,” according to Kelly Kellner, the HeadsUp Entertainment CEO.

Internet poker firm

“For competitive motives, the internet poker firm prefers to remain anonymous at this stage. The value of our market and brand name increases due to the rising competitiveness in the online poker market. Within no time, the numbers can become very large, due to these negotiations,” the chief executive officer added.
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