Carbon Poker player hits $156,402 jackpot

A Carbon Poker player has won $156,402 in cash thanks to the ongoing Bad Beat Jackpot promotion. The winner, who only wanted to be referred to as ‘dk2112’, triumphed at one of the $.50/$1 no-limit tables that was packed with a $55 pot.

Online pokerbad beat jackpot

Nevertheless, Carbon Poker celebrated more winners besides ‘dk2112’. Another lucky poker player, who goes under the pseudonym ‘BlackOutBob’, took home the $55 pot plus $78,201. The other five competitors at the table were awarded $13,033.

Carbon Poker

Atil Singh, head of acquisitions at Carbon Poker, commented: “We are proud to reward another player with the Bad Beat Jackpot. Many of the Bad Beat Jackpots are won at the lower stakes. We hope to pay out a jackpot that beats our record jackpot of $1.2 million.”

Bad Beat Jackpot

Carbon Poker revealed that the Bad Beat Jackpot has grown to more than $100,000. It shows that it’s quite rewarding to join the Bad Beat tables. The Bad Beat winner takes home 17.5% of the jackpot, at the moment more than $17,500. The Bad Beat loser scoops 35%, which is currently over $35,000.
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