Cake Poker premieres War and Tourney Blackjack

Online poker room Cake Poker has added War and Tourney Blackjack to its extensive offerings. Cake Poker revealed that all competitors receive the same ten cards when playing War. The object of the game is to collect the most cards by out-thinking and out-guessing other competitors.


“Besides the very easy game-play, the game of War features incredible strategy, interaction and bluffing options. Both poker fans and gamers will love the game due to psychological challenge and competition. The game rewards players cash for their skills,” a Cake Poker spokesperson commented.

Tourney Blackjack

The new Tourney Blackjack game provides punters the thrill of the classic blackjack game. However, Tourney Blackjack offers players a more strategic tourney version of blackjack.

Cake Poker offerings

“Tourney Blackjack lacks a house advantage and punters play against their chip stacks while drawing versus the dealer. Players need to accumulate chips in order to beat other competitors. The winner is based on which player has collected the most chips at the end of the tourney,” according to the spokesperson.
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