Win A Day casino rewards record jackpot

The Win A Day casino has rewarded a record jackpot to a retired widower, who won €149.815. He was playing the Reel de Luxe internet slot game. WinADay is a special internet casino that offers an extensive range of extraordinary slots and video poker games.


The winner commented: “After my wife’s decease I have been living with my son, who was right next to me when I won the jackpot. Finally I can buy him something really special.”

Internet casino

WinADay has so far rewarded eight six-figure jackpots after its introduction. The internet casino average jackpot amounts to €100.583. A lucky gambler took home €134.111 at Christmas. It’s always a surprise when somebody hits a jackpot. At WinADay, a jackpot is rewarded, on average, approximately every six weeks. After resetting the jackpot, it already amounts to €53.644.

Michael Hilary, the WinADay manager, commented: “Surely there are bigger jackpots out there, but there aren’t many casino’s that pay out jackpots so often.”

Reel de Luxe

The Reel de Luxe has a simple gameplay and consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines. This luxurious themed slot game features two special bonus options, a bonus game and wild symbols. Its current bonus rewards up to 500 times the bet. The exclusive cash bonus game awards up to €1.006. The so-called ‘discount bonus’ results in a discount from total bets on three spins up to 100%.


WinADay continuously adds whimsical new games to its portfolio of custom slot games and video poker games. It recently introduced Leprechaun Luck, which features 5 reels and 31 paylines. The bonus game and wild and double wild symbols complete this new release. WinADay will release another game in April.

The internet casino offers 13 original games: Nine exclusive slots linked to one progressive jackpot and four video poker games. All the games can be played instantly and without downloading.
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