Will Hungary’s government see online gambling light

Hungarian land-based casino and poker laws have transformed radically. The comprehensive changes by the Hungarian government have resulted in difficult circumstances. The 1991 Hungarian Gambling Act has seen some notable changes. Smaller local poker venues are confronted with extremely high taxes and incredibly strict regulations. These taxes have been placed to finance government programs. They also aim on creating a more stabilized economy by stringently controlling gambling venues. Hungarian politicians failed to regulate online casinos. This results in money streaming out of Hungary’s Economy.

Online gambling in Hungary

It’s not expected that Hungary’s government changes the high taxes that torture small local poker parlors. However, there is hope that the Hungarian government reviews the online gambling industry. Hopefully they understand that a fully legalized and regulated online gambling industry creates additional revenues. This would take away government pressure from small land gambling venues in Hungary.

Online casinos

This year has so far been a landmark for online casinos in a lot of countries. Many governments have finally realized that online gambling is inevitable. It has become a major pastime, which needs to be regulated. Fighting and blocking online gambling really doesn’t solve anything.
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