Vietnamese authorities crack down online casino

M88 online casinoFollowing a three-year investigation, Vietnamese authorities have busted an online gambling ring. Police arrested seven suspects and confiscated 1 vehicle, 8 computers, 20 cell phones, 25 bank cards and about $28,800 in cash. Additionally, 10 other people were questioned.

Online casino games and bets

A server based outside Vietnam hosted the online gambling activities, which operated under the name M88. The online casino was available in Vietnamese and offered an extensive gaming repertoire, in addition to an impressive variety of bets. Punters could wager on sports events in European countries including Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Managed overseas

M88 enabled punters to transfer money via phone, after which they received gambling points. A police spokesperson revealed that all gambling activities were operated from outside Vietnam. All funds were transferred to bank accounts outside the country in Southeast Asia. On the topic of Vietnamese gamblers, reported on a fatal jump out a four-floor window last week.
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