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The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) gained a lot of support in 2006. Unfortunately, those who supported the UIGEA failed to consider the consequences. On the one hand, politicians were disapproving online casinos. On the other hand they were supporting online gambling through Fantasy Sports, betting and several other forms. The online gambling industry asked the US federal government and Congress many times for an explanation. Why some forms of online gambling were legal while poker and games of chance were banned. Nobody was able to answer that question. Congressman Earl Blumenauer released this month his changed standpoint towards online gambling. He now supports a fully legalized and regulated online gambling market in the US.

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The Congressional Representative informed other politicians, the media and the internet gambling business in a detailed statement. Blumenauer radically changed his stance by disapproving the UIGEA, which he considers sanctimonious. He believes that the US could seriously profit from new revenue streams that a regulated online gambling market would provide. This change comes rather unexpectedly. It demonstrates the need for a changed attitude among politicians versus online gambling. Blumenauer was present at last week’s Ways and Means Committee hearing. Jim McDermott’s new bill was comprehensively discussed. This new bill places federal taxes on a regulated online gambling business.

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McDermott’s legislative proposal supports Barney Frank’s bill that attempts to cancel the UIGEA. Frank’s bill also thoroughly defines the process of legalizing, regulating, and licensing US and foreign online casinos that enter the US market.
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