UK Gambling Commission’s outcomes

The UK Gambling Commission is considered as one of the highest developed internet casino gambling regulatory bodies on the globe. The Gambling Commission was set up under the Gambling Act 2005 in the United Kingdom and focuses on monitoring the development of the online gambling industry in the UK. The Gambling Act legalized the British market completely and provided internet casinos more chances to grow and advertise in the United Kingdom. The liberalization also results in more concerns regarding uncontrolled online gambling sites, which is exactly the responsibility of the UK Gambling Commission.

British gambling market

The UK Gambling Commission regularly conducts studies in the British gambling market to determine the level of integration that internet casinos have into the UK market, and the number of British gamblers who alter the different forms of online and offline gambling. ICM Research executed the latest survey out of the UK and examined a considerable 7.000 gamblers to determine the outcomes.

UK Gambling Commission

The most surprising aspect of the results was the fact that more than 50% of the adult population in the United Kingdom gambles, like online casino gambling or the national lottery. Furthermore, the survey demonstrated the gender and average age of gamblers, while it also provided other statistics and ratios, which will be applied by the Gambling Commission to monitor the gambling development in the UK in the last years. Surveys are executed and logged almost yearly to oversee the situation and compare results.
gambling commission
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