Teen Patti makes online debut

The Indian gambling market has developed strongly in the last period due to the increasing number of Indians with access to fast internet connections, while the number of extreme rich Indian citizens is comparable with the number of extreme poor Indian people.

Internet casinos fail to really prosper in the Indian market, but online gambling is becoming more popular, as a result of the games that are particularly designed for Indian gamblers. Teen Patti, a gambling card game that originated in India, has been made available for the online gaming market. Internet gambling firms believe that there are sufficient online opportunities for the card game, which is the result of intelligent marketing and due to endorsement by Indian celebrities to stimulate new players to check out the game.

Teen Patti

The majority of the Indian population rarely uses the world wide web for gambling or gaming. Teen Patti seems to change this and new gamers have reacted to the marketing and endorsing attempts by Ben Kingsley to focus spotlights on the introduction of the new online game. The new internet offering is multiplayer based, which is important in the present online and offline gaming situation; gamers like to show their social side when playing at internet casinos and gaming websites, which is also the case with Indian gamblers.

Legalized Indian internet casino gambling market

The chief executive officer of Ibibo, the creators of the new online game, believes that this new introduction in the internet gaming industry will create a strong niche in the Indian market, considering the fact that it is already a frequent played pastime and gamblers will like to try out the game as they already know how the game works. A legalized Indian internet casino gambling market offers great opportunities and various firms try to obtain a license in order to operate on the Indian market.

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