Parlay Game Services network continues to grow

The Parlay Game Services online bingo network is licensed by the isle of Alderney. A report regarding the development of this network showed that 10 websites are presently up and running on the network, while another 14 websites are being launched.

Brand portfolio

The brand portfolio consists of established gaming websites, including AstroBingo and Bingomania, and media and retail companies in several different markets.

Chief executive officer

Parlay’s chief executive officer Scott White commented: “Parlay Game Services is the only network in the soft gaming and bingo sector to be really multi-language and multi-currency. Recently we have covered payouts in Spain, England and Sweden players, while Finland will follow shortly. The Parlay Game Services Europe network is now the quickest expanding network in the business, which is created on the most modern commercial-grade bingo platform.”

Business model

“The recent growth in our business model, from a licensing and software development company to a globally-focused, managed, turn-key solutions provider, is gathering market acceptance. Firms can now choose for a global managed solution.” “These clients, as well as the interest level from our current clients and new prospects, confirm the growth of our business model into these value-adding services,” according to Parlay’s chief technology officer (CTO).

PGS services

In the last quarter of 2009, the PGS services became fully operational, providing banking, registration and verification services, as well as remote gaming. Supported by the Parlay5 multi-currency technology and multi-language, Parlay Game Services also offers the option to pool liquidity across currencies, which is essential for operators who target on growing into the fast growing international market.
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