Online gambling still illegal in Japan

Japan planned to regulate online gambling when it faced the harsh consequences of the international recession. However, the Japanese government never actually regulated online casinos. For that reason, online gambling is still illegal in the land of the rising sun. Nevertheless, many Japanese citizens gamble at online casinos.

Japanese online casinos

The Tokyo police recently busted an illegal online gambling network. Two employees and the operator, Tomoyuki Miyamoto, were arrested. The Japanese police has observed this specific gambling network for quite a while. It was complicated to locate the persons involved due to the online gambling japanmobile character of online gambling and the industry.

Online gambling Japan

Miyamoto is accused for unlawfully running the gambling network. He also faces charges because minors were able to play at these unlawful gambling sites. These online casinos failed to check ages and didn’t use any safety measures. Miyamoto is a well-known person in the online gambling scene in Japan through his firm Seeds Style Co. All involved persons were unquestionably detained for their involvement in an unlawful online gambling network.

Illegal online casinos

The Tokyo police still needs to decide what to do with the nine gamblers who played at those unlawful online casinos. Will they face charges for illegal gambling? Or does the Japanese legislation only extend to the operators of these unlawful online gambling sites. Miyamoto believes that his online gambling activities complied with the Japanese legislation. He sought advice from a lawyer concerning the structure of the games before the online casinos were available for gamblers.
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