Online gambling gains popularity in Greece

Greeks have embraced online casinos despite their financial problems. This new pastime has provided a number of Greek winners. Some players consider poker as a game of luck, while others believe it’s a game of skill. A Greek player, known as Maria A, played video poker at a live casino and won €20.000. She only wagered €25. After her astonishing jackpot she has visited the online casino regularly. Maria A has managed to win more prizes, resulting in a rather lucrative summer.

Live casino

The southeastern country is currently facing major financial problems, which could be solved by playing at online casinos. Maria A’s big prize appears to have appealed to many Greek gamblers. Another female Greek player visited that day the same casino and took home €1.500. The Greek woman, under the alias Anna O, also wagered a small amount. Greek online players appear to have embraced live online gaming. Particularly live casinos with live video feed seem to gain popularity in Greece.

Online gambling

“Clearly it’s a little bit strange that specifically Greek players were successful last month. However, that’s the excitement of casino fun. One day you’re lucky, the other day it seems that your are struck by bad luck. The online players from Greece had a remarkable streak, so they deserved to win the prizes. We don’t plan to fund the entire Greek national debt, but rewarding lucky gamblers is just fair and enjoyable. At the end of the day, we play at online casinos to win big prizes,” an online casino marketing manager recently stated.
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