More stringent online gambling policy in Hungary

Fidesz recently won Hungary’s elections. Online gambling may face tough times due to the conservative character of the center-right party. The Fidesz Hungarian Civic Alliance made history as the first Hungarian political party to obtain a two-thirds majority in the parliament. The party may consider controlling online casinos in the same way as Denmark and Norway. Both Scandinavian countries use ISP-blocking and financial limitations.

Offline gambling

Currently, Hungary’s government excessively intervenes in the local offline gambling market. The land gambling industry face high taxes on poker winnings. Brick and mortar poker clubs are strongly restricted. They face a 15% restriction on their profits and an extra 30% tax on their revenues.

Conventional casinos

The Hungarian Poker Association declared that the stringent arrangements were created to spread poker players out to conventional casinos. Laszlo Detrekoi, ministry of finance state secretary, partly supports this vision. He believes that the measures are designed to meet both casino and poker interests.

Online poker

The arrangements may have caused the closing of many poker venues. This forced players to move to online casinos and offshore poker websites due to the more user-friendly participation.

Online casinos

Hungary doesn’t regulate online casinos. This implicates that a conservative-based party like Fidesz could sharpen the measures in stead of moving to regulation. The possible strengthening aims on protecting local conventional gambling venues. Hungarian media now speculate about which route the new government will take.
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