Modesto: half dozen people detained in gambling raid

Internet cafeHalf a dozen people have been arrested in connection with illegal gambling activities, which took place at two Modesto-based businesses. Local media report that those venues pretended to provide legal services, but they actually offered online casino gambling.

Alcoholics and gang members

A police spokesperson revealed: “The businesses raided didn’t provide many legal services. They clearly targeted gamblers instead of customers seeking computer or internet services.” Neighbors had informed the police about nuisance caused by the customers of the venues. Police visited the businesses that attracted alcoholics and gang members.

Gambling customers

Nearby venues started losing clients due to nuisance caused by the people who visited the internet cafe and computers store in question. “One of the store owners claimed that it was an office for computer services,” the police spokesperson added. However, police officers discovered how customers were using the computers to access online casinos.
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