Mobile gaming: online gaming of the future

‘The mobile technology brings us a true evolution in the way we communicate and how we get information," said Alex Kelly of International Game Technology, a company that runs a number of gaming sites in the UK, to Las Vegas Review Journal. "In the UK we see an amazing growth of 150% per month.’

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In the same article of the Las Vegas Review Journal says the director of Cantor Gaming, Lee Amaitis, that he expects mobile gaming to be legalized within a few years. ‘We have been working with several legislators to investigate how we can make the mobile market a safe and reliable industry. It happens because people want it.’ 


Kelly told the Las Vegas Review Journal that people are already gambling via their mobile phones. He is referring to the fact that the United Kingdom was the first country that legalized and regulated mobile gaming and gambling in 2005. ‘Last year, Italy, France, Spain and Australia have changed their laws, because legislators in the United Kingdom had already paved the way,’ said Kelly. "We must find a way to regulate mobile gaming,’ says Amaitis. " Just like they did in the United Kingdom.’

‘iPhone caters to needs players’

"... Everyone in the online gambling industry will tell you that the future success of a company depends on the extent to which they can compete in a world where the online gambling industry is happening in the palm and under the fingers of the players and not behind the computer or in a real casino,’ writes Mark McKenna from "People love to gamble and they love convenience. iPhones only cater to these needs."
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