Market share Microsoft’s Bing grows steadily

Bing’s market share grows steadily, according to search engine market figures, tough, it’s still far away from Google’s market share. In December, Bing’s market share increased by half a percent, according to Fort Worth Star-Telegram, while Google consolidated its market share. Although Bing’s popularity is growing gradually, Google’s market share is still extremely dominating (65.7% versus 10.7%). However, Bing’s performance at this stage is conform expectations. Nevertheless, Microsoft could be preparing a plan that could shock the whole search engine optimization (SEO) model.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation

Think about this scenario: Microsoft is presently considering to pay Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which is the second biggest media group on the globe that controls dozens of global broadcasting channels and newspapers, such as Fox and the Wall Street Journal, for the exclusive rights to register all News Corp’s websites.

Google’s supremacy

This seems to be the result of Murdoch’s discontent concerning Google’s supremacy (and maybe his incapability to negotiate deals with the powerful corporation, in contrast to other potential business associates with less power.

Murdoch – Microsoft

BusinessWeek columnist Roger L. Kay wrote: “The scenario would implicate that Microsoft pays News Corp. to make the articles from mediums owned by Murdoch, like The Wall Street Journal, searchable through the Bing search engine. The Murdoch-Microsoft corporation may be a serious threat for Google, if the attempt stimulates other influential content providers to require money from online companies that make money from online advertisements.”

Alternative models

BusinessWeek columnist continued by stating that, in essence, if this model succeeds, it may shake up the business and result in some serious head-wind for Google. By limiting Google’s access to important content, and offering it to an opponent, Microsoft or even another search engines may swiftly take over control: “There are alternative models for the current search engine market,” Kay added. Consider the consequences for search engine optimization and internet marketing; it would completely change everything.


Microsoft would have to take a considerable financial risk to start this kind of corporation. Additionally, there have been speculations in the past weeks, but without concrete results. However, it may result in a bigger Bing market share, which is presently approximately a sixth of its rival, maybe earlier than most expect.
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