Internet gambling problems for Scottish football legend

Colin Hendry, the Scottish football legend, dominated the British sports media this week, as he seems to have financial problems due to his internet gambling addiction. The charismatic football star lost his wife Denise in 2009 after the liposuction procedure went badly wrong, leaving her with multiple complications. It seems that he can’t cope with the death of his wife.

Internet bettingcolin hendry

The former captain of the Scottish national team has supposedly used internet betting to overcome his grief. Nevertheless, media report that his internet betting addiction started before losing his wife in June last year.


His friend and neighbor, Hector MacFarlane, lent Hendry €51.088 who confessed in several emails that he was in big trouble and a bit worried. MacFarlane borrowed him the money that has not yet been reimbursed.

Online gambling websites

It appears that the former football defender frequently indulged in late night sessions at a variety of online gambling websites, losing and winning considerable sums of money.

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