Hacker steals casino tokens worth €8.73 million

The Zynga Corporation computer system has been hacked by a computer expert. Ashley Mitchell stole 400 billion casino tokens worth about €8.73 million. The hacker admitted in Exeter Crown Court that he had broke into the computer system of Zynga Corporation. Mitchell remitted the tokens into fake Facebook accounts before vending them on the internet at greatly discounted prices to net approximately €59.000.

Casino tokens

Mitchell runs the popular Facebook app Gambino Poker. Zynga discovered that a large number of casino tokens were missing. They informed the police who then poker addictstarted observing Mitchell’s online transfers. The hacker had turned into an obsessive online poker player. Mitchell played 24/7 online poker, which resulted in a massive gambling debt.

Gambino Poker

Ben Darby, Mitchell’s lawyer, commented: “Mr. Mitchell committed the crimes at a time when he was addicted to online poker. The defendant lost €3.200 of his savings on online poker.” Darby proposed that the defendant would reimburse €200.000 to Zynga Corporation as Gambino Poker provides Mitchell a generous income.
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