Fear for job losses due to regulation online casinos in Australia

Regulation of the online casino gambling industry in Australia will lead to extensive job losses, according to gossips and information spread all over the South Pacific country. The fearful information emerged at a number of land-based casinos in New South Wales, and has extended in the last few weeks. The information focuses on the fact that regulation of internet casinos will lead to excessive competitive circumstances, which will leave land gambling houses no other choice than reducing their workforce.

Online casino gambling industry

Could this scenario be too gloomy? Australia’s government only chooses to legalize internet casinos and the gambling business because it’s practically impossible to block the entire online gambling market. However, internet casino gambling is already a fact in the South Pacific nation, despite all attempts made by the government. The planned regulation of internet gambling is due to the fact that online gambling has become an unstoppable force. That implicates that the offline casinos will be confronted with their online counterparts at some moment in the very near term. In the meantime, the Australian government truly hopes that the regulation of the online market will result in a better controlled market in order to protect Australian gamblers.

Internet casinos Australia

Besides the fact that internet casinos are unavoidable in the Aussie market and the gambling corporations should end their sensational publicity, there are contradictory reports regarding these presumed job losses. Despite the fact that gamblers will gamble less at land-based casinos, indeed, both online and offline betting markets remain strong in the UK.
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