Evangelical Christians frustrate online gambling regulation

At first, it might seem a bit disreputable to claim that the lobbying power of the Evangelical Christians the regulation of online casino gambling in the United States frustrates. However, that’s exactly one of the main reasons that the new gambling laws have not been implemented.

Online casino industry

The American Congress provides the online casino industry serious support, which isn’t sufficient to resist the lobbying money and attempts by the Evangelical religious groups. Both parties use a lot of money to win the battle, and currently, the opponents of the gambling regulations are leading the fray.

Evangelical Christians

Nevertheless, this situation contains one major issue: The Evangelical Christians fail to make valid statements in their fight against the online gambling business. In fact, all information is incorrect while the claims are false. Research centers all over the globe have demonstrated that the ‘facts’ and details provided by the Evangelical religious groups regarding the internet gambling industry right are false. Chad Hills, gambling analyst for Focus on the Family, states that internet casinos are “the most risky and most penetrative gambling form.” However, the facts disprove Hills’ point of view, according to the Harvard Medical School.

Online gambling regulation

The main issue is that the Evangelical Christians lobbying money and their attempts, in combination with the incorrect claims, and wrongly informed Congressional politicians, directly attribute to the fact that the new gambling regulations have still not been enacted.
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